What our clients say

“Monika was an exceptional mentor and really helped me formulate plans for my cake business.  Before meeting Monika, I didn’t really have much confidence that my business was possible but Monika helped me to realise my dreams and to help me create a business plan.
I feel Monika is a highly professional and motivated person who I trust and would highly recommend.  She was patient at all times and very enthusiastic”
Abby Phillips, Abby’s Sweet Treats 
“Monika is a strategic thinker, an extremely professional individual who gives the very best. She is enterprising, communicative, innovative, motivational and passionate. A pleasure to work with and an inspiring influence”

Jackie Huggett, Director Sparkle PR


“In the short time that I’ve known Monika I’ve been highly impressed with her pure professionalism and dedication. With her wide ranging experience, her business brings corporate knowledge to the SME market and I’m already hearing excellent feedback. Well worth getting to know for up to date and wide ranging detail of how sustainability is relevant to all”

Louisa Felstead, Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce


“Just when I thought I have exhausted an avenue, Monika presents alternatives and other related links of useful and insightful information. Although the ethical world is new to my company and I’m learning lots from my own research, Monika opens me up to so much more and I have learned even more from her findings.

She has proven to be an invaluable asset to the nurturing of my new ethical fashion brand and I’m very excited about working with her on a deeper and more varied level in regards to her business mentoring / coaching and guidance.”

Winston Hoyte, MANCINISM Group


“Monika was one of our mentors in an international network of mentors we use to help support our online offering of the Junior Entrepreneur Scheme, in partnership with Every1Mobile. Monika helped mentor thousands of young people online by helping answer the questions they had about starting their businesses. As well as being a pleasure to work with and generous with her time, Monika is a brilliant communicator, and diligent in ensuring she gave concise, high-quality advice.”

Ramez Krishnan, JES Project


I have responded to the ‘Sustainability in the Tendering Process’ Webinar, writing in to enquire if I could contact Monika for more advice.  Monika responded in a very short time asking for some business facts about my business – P-minus-Q sanitary service to festivals and large sporting events.  Within a week, Monika had performed some pertinent research and prepared a short and very accessible Feasibility Study, entitled: “Sustainable Cardboard Recycling & Urine Recovery: A Quick Feasibility Study”.  Monika set out the results in a clear, systematic action-ready format with numerous URLs and some contact names and addresses.

I was delighted with it and immediately started to follow-up the leads that Monika had researched.  Several of them have already led to promising email exchanges; bring the sustainability aims of P-minus-Q, nearer to reality.

The P-minus-Q sanitary service delivers the increasingly well-known “SheWee-inal” female urinals (so loved by the women who needn’t queue for so long at festivals).

Robert Harris, Director Bob’s Radio Knows How