Strategic Consulting

Strategy is about understanding your goal(s) and developing a plan supporting their delivery. Monika works closely with her clients to understand the organisation and its needs. She delivers bespoke solutions aiming to support business’ transition into a sustainable and prosperous enterprise. That is also why all  the services are delivered in a very hands-on manner so you don’t have to worry about the lack of resources or success of your project.

Working with a highly experienced and professional team of associates we are able to provide a comprehensive support from introduction of strategic initiatives and improvement of business management practices to getting your organisation procurement ready and ensuring you become and stay a preferred supplier of public and private sector buyers.

We help our clients to tackle range of challenges including:

Mission Statement & Strategy
Employee engagement
Leadership & Change Management

Procurement ready e.g. identifying opportunities, tenders, bids
Sustainable Procurement & Ethical Sourcing
Community & Charity engagement strategy
Professional volunteering schemes
Workshops and business masterclass

Whilst there are organisations that intuitively follow sustainability and social responsibility (CSR) practices, adopting a strategic approach will help your organisation to maximise the benefits that include bottom line and operational improvements as well as to control business risks. 

Providing businesses with a support allowing them to be the best they can be is an integral part of Monika’s business philosophy.

In my work I don’t distinguish between sustainability, CSR and general business management. I bring all the components together and balance them out to develop a solution best suited for the organisation’s aim.

By adopting sustainability principles you will shortly change the way you approach business and open yourself up to new markets and opportunities. It is a truly modern way of conducting business.

Monika is a registered Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) consultant (UK), an adviser for the European Bank Enterprise Growth Programme (Europe) as well as CSR adviser for projects co-financed by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (Poland).